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TextMaker for Pocket PCs

In an ideal world, you could create a Microsoft Word document on your desktop computer, put it on your Pocket PC, edit and format it on the road, and then send it back to the office as a .DOC file, with content and all formatting ...

Demo  13,897k 887 SoftMaker Software GmbH

TextMaker for Handheld PCs

In an ideal world, you could create a Microsoft Word document on your desktop computer, put it on your Handheld PC, edit and format it on the road, and then send it back to the office as a .DOC file, with content and all formatting ...

Demo  18,172k 1130 SoftMaker Software GmbH
Logic Squares for Pocket PCs

Logic Squares for Pocket PCs

Logic Squares brings traditional word logic puzzles/problems to the Pocket PC.The object of Logic Squares is to determine the location of 9 colors in a 3 x 3 grid by reading and then interpreting the clues. Game features include an unlimited number of computer generated ...

Shareware  2,118k 1366 Tracker Software

Anagram Plus for Pocket PCs

The object of Anagram Plus is to anagram or rearrange seven letters to form a word having 4 or more letters. Each game consists of either five, 10 or 15 words. In addition each letter is given a value as found in the board game ...

Shareware  2,148k 955 Tracker Software

PCS Java Toolkit

PCS Java Toolkit provides useful stuff for developing Java Applications, especially Web Applications. E.g. a small and simple framework for building web applications similar to Jakarta's Struts.

Freeware  42k 339 pcstoolkit.sourceforge.net

Sprint PCS Blurred Vision

This is a PHP tool written to allow users to upload images, ringers and applications to any Sprint PCS Vision enabled wireless phone. It requires => PHP4.

Freeware  9k 370 blurredvision.sourceforge.net

Book Bag for Pocket PCs

Keep track of your favorite books and authors on your Pocket PC.Features include:1) Import author/title files that you can create on your desktop or download from The Book Bag Library2) Add, edit and delete individual entries3) Automatic sort by author4) Sort lists by title, year ...

Shareware  3,312k 1154 Tracker Software

PCS WinAssist

A collection of miscellaneous tools and routines for software developers, web authors, and digital photographers. Directory compare and synchronize, file find and replace, image renamer, font sampler, drive info, directory display and print.

Shareware  5,345k 266 PCS Inc.

PCS MagTrack

A solution for tracking magazine issues and the articles published in them. Using a simple wizard, you can capture the information for each issue of your favorite magazines. Then, using this repository of information, you can find specific articles using a variety of methods. Demo ...

Shareware  11,356k 301 PCS Inc.

PCS WebGantt

Define a project schedule and create a Gantt chart to graphically display your timeline. Display timelines in days or months. Includes international support! The resulting chart is pure HTML -- no client-side controls or components are required!

Shareware  461k 233 PCS Inc.

PCS WebCharts Pro

Charting solution that uses Active Server Pages and server-side Visual Basic Script (VBScript) to create dynamic bar and column charts. No ActiveX or Java controls are used, nor are multiple image files used to create the graphical display - only ASP that creates pure HTML.

Shareware  338k 452 PCS Inc.

PCS WebGantt.NET

Define a project schedule and create a Gantt chart to graphically display your timeline. Display timelines in days or months. The resulting chart is pure HTML -- no client-side controls or components are required. Fully compliant with International dates. 100% .NET managed code.

Commercial  799k 216 Professional Computing Solutions, Inc.

Surface Reconstruction from Ind. PCs

Surface Reconstruction from Industrial Point Clouds, a bachelor research project taken by Henrik Lieng at Bergen University College for Stormfjord AS. Outlier RemovalLossy CompressionSurface Reconstruction

Freeware  11,604k 216 pc-surfacerecon.sourceforge.net
Instant Remote Control

Instant Remote Control

Powerful network administrative tool-enables total control of PCs on your network instantly without having to install any software on remote PCs-valuable tool for system administrators/IT Managers to view/access employee PCs over corporate LANs-no need for multiple licenses-requires to be installed only on the administrator's computers ...

Shareware  2,338k 1529 Omniquad Ltd

Remote Registry Cleaner

RemoteRegistryCleaner scans a remote or local machine for Windows Registry errors and fixes them up for smoother running of the computer. RemoteRegistryCleaner also scans and list obsolete and unwanted Windows files and deletes them which results in faster performance of the computer. RemoteRegistryCleaner is the ...

Shareware  1,976k 885 WorkMoment
Link Maven

Link Maven

Link Maven is a parallel link file transfer tool for Windows 95 - Vista. Connect two PCs together with a Laplink/Interlnk compatible cable and copy, move, & delete files and directories between them. Also connects to DOS/Win 3.1 PCs. Supports 4-bit connections through the printer ...

Shareware  957k 1482 Briggs Softworks


PerformanceTest allows you to objectively benchmark a PC using a variety of different tests then compare the results to other computers. Twenty seven individual tests are available in six test suites (CPU, 2D graphics, Hard Disk, Memory access, DirectX 3D graphics and CD/DVD). In addition, ...

Shareware  3,301k 1469 PassMark Software
Active Backup Expert Pro

Active Backup Expert Pro

A full-featured backup tool creates automated zip- or cab-format backups of local and network files on hard disks, CD, DVD, Blu-Ray, HD-DVD and other removable devices, local network or FTP site. A Wizard guides you through the steps of the backup-set creation: selecting the folders ...

Shareware  4,144k 1722 OrionSoftLab
Active Backup Expert

Active Backup Expert

An easily mastered tool maintains backups of files in zip or cab format on hard and removable disks (CD, DVD, Blu-Ray, HD-DVD, Zip drives etc.), in a LAN or WAN. A Wizard guides you through the steps of the backup-set creation: supplying the paths and ...

Shareware  2,542k 1438 OrionSoftLab
Hyper Publish PRO

Hyper Publish PRO

Creating a professional catalogue / Web site / multimedia hypermedia CD DVD or a manual with HyperPublish is really a snap! A quick, powerful all-in-one environment for creating stunning catalogues, brochures, CDs and Web sites. Everything in a single tool, easy to learn and to ...

Shareware  3,855k 1904 Visual Vision
Paraben's PC Linker

Paraben's PC Linker

Easily connect two computers together using a parallel port cable to copy, move, & delete files. Displays the directory tree of both computers with a familiar and easy to use interface. Install the remote module on multiple PCs to make linking to other computers as ...

Shareware  586k 1272 Paraben Corporation
TN3270 Plus

TN3270 Plus

A fast, powerful and inexpensive telnet client application. TN3270 Plus connects Windows PCs to IBM mainframe, AS/400, and UNIX systems via TCP/IP. TN3270 Plus delivers 3270, 5250, VT100, VT220 and ANSI terminal emulation and 3287 and 5250 printer emulation. Advanced features include keyboard mapping, multiple ...

Shareware  8,181k 1828 SDI Bermuda Limited

Whaddayagot Pro

Whaddayagot Pro is a network utility that interrogates PCs on a LAN / WAN and reports on the installed Hardware and Software.But it has truly outstanding reporting capabilitiest. It can re-audit anytime to track changes in network assets. Whaddayagot Pro is delivered to the end ...

Demo  4,424k 869 Everyman Technologies
SpreadMsg Lite

SpreadMsg Lite

SpreadMsg Lite is the FREE version of Compuquest, Inc's award-winning SpreadMsg software. The Lite version features an email scanning agent that searches the user's email waiting at their ISP, IMAP, or Exchange Server. EMail scanning and retrieval is supported for POP3 and IMAP email servers. ...

Freeware  663k 1188 Compuquest Inc


Robo-FTP is a secure, script-driven Windows FTP client designed to conduct unattended file transfers with normal FTP and 128-bit SSH and SSL secure servers. New features include an integrated script editor and scheduling utility. Robo-FTP also features integrated PGP encryption/decryption to maintain the highest level ...

Commercial  8,552k 1402 Robo SOFT Ltd USA
SyncPro Backup

SyncPro Backup

Syncpro synchronizes Folders and Files on the same drive, another drive or across the network. Syncpro works as two way synchronization utility to ensure that files are up to date between drives or computers. You can set up profiles that describe as many as source ...

Shareware  2,868k 1206 01ware


db4o (database for objects) is the open source object database, native to Java and .NET. Free software, available under the GPL and under a commercial license. Ideal for embedded use, e.g., in software running on mobile or medical devices, in packaged software, and for real-time ...

Freeware  293k 1745 db4o
Virtual Sampler SDK

Virtual Sampler SDK

The Virtual Sampler Library (VSL.DLL) provides applications running on Pentium-class PCs under MS Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP with a MIDI-controlled, low-latency, fully programmable wavetable module implemented entirely in software. The Virtual Sampler SDK contains the documentation and code needed to use the Virtual Sampler Library in your ...

Shareware  935k 1637 Polyhedric Software
LanTalk XP

LanTalk XP

Effective communications for the office and home environment. If you work in a busy environment and need to communicate with others in the office, or maybe even colleagues in another building, make life easy for yourself and install LanTalk. LanTalk enables you to talk in ...

Shareware  864k 1172 CEZEO software


Analyze changes made to local or remote PCs during software and hardware installation and configuration. Tracker creates 'snapshots' before and after PC configuration changes. The snapshots are automatically compared to produce an analysis which is then displayed in the Tracker Explorer. Generate reports. Export registry ...

Shareware  4,892k 1248 Evans Programming
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